Juan Serafini

"In 2017 we started with Profitable Spaces (a real estate development start-up). We started to include market research in our projects, which is something quite unexplored in the industry.
The decision to include Trazo Propio in our projects allowed us to build much more engaging proposals, which eventually led to targeted communication and excellent sales results "

Matías Torterolo

Beverage Brand Manager - ARCOR

"Today we are faced with volatile, moralistic, hypersensitive consumers, difficult to interpret. That is, in my experience, the difference that Trazo Propio provides: a unique perspective and sensitivity to decode the consumer. Moreover, working with them is an enjoyable and flexible process that makes the job easier."

Rosaline Hester

Business Decision Support Director, Coca-Cola South Latin

“Trazo Propio has a very important role in our portfolio of suppliers: for their reliability and good criteria, they lead projects that cannot fail, and they make them happen. In a sense, we see them as an extension of our own team. When we did an innovative and methodologically complex project together I loved their willingness to find new ways to make possible something that seemed unfeasible to many”.

Valeria Abadi

Corporate Image, Institutional Communication and Marketing Services Manager - ARCOR

“In Arcor we have worked with Trazo Propio from the very beginning and we continue choosing them for a wide range of strategic projects; from employer brand to developing new businesses. Of all the strengths of Trazo Propio, I would like to highlight the holistic and deep- understanding, the commitment of the team, and the delivery of synthetic, concrete and actionable results.

But above all things, I value the human quality of Marcela Garriga, its Executive Director, her sustainable vision and commitment to everything she undertakes.”